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CDR helps our students be better at music

17 Mar , 2017  

CDR helps our students

When we partnered with CDR for their club night this year, we knew it would be perfect for our students. How? Read what they have to say about it.

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How to use a turntable creatively with Eliad and Rodi

2 Dec , 2016  

Using a turntable creatively
How many ways can you think to use a turntable creatively? We held a workshop for our students to show them a few ways Rodi and Eliad have come up with.


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Hear it?: A Mobilee Documentary

30 May , 2016  

There’s no shortage of content that reports on the rise of musical groups or individual performers. But what about the organisations that support them along the way? In response, we created a mini-documentary series called ‘Hear It?’ where we will focus on a few record labels in Berlin. Each one has had significant impacts on the electronic music scene and experienced huge growth within the past decade. Our first episode features Mobilee Records.


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The DJ and music producer mix is gender bland: where the girls at?

19 Feb , 2016  

Throughout telling us about her on-going career as an electronic music producer and sound artist, Antye Greie-Ripatti made us laugh. Her charm made that part easy, and even though the topic of conversation was the dire state of the gender ratio in the field, it wasn’t much of an obstacle for her optimism. The unequal conditions are obvious within our walls here at dBs Berlin too; the boys outnumber the girls. But on the panel of our first ever dBs Dialogues series the ratio was reversed, while numbers in the audience appeared to be balanced.


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Semester 1 Sounds

22 Apr , 2015  

We love to see our students accepting challenges and going beyond our expectations, and in the first semester of their first year, our degree students totally blew us away!