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We’re moving haus: dBs Berlin at Funkhaus!

19 Jun , 2017  

We’re excited. Very excited. We are relocating to a brand new facility to house our rapidly expanding institute of creative production. dBs Berlin at Funkhaus is just the beginning.


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Torstraßen Festival

8 Jun , 2017  

Torstraßen Festival Poster

Torstraßen Festival is on its “7-year itch” and in that time has become an established cultural project. Don’t miss the chance to see all the local talent!


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Perera Elswhere explores a world of technology and music

6 Jun , 2017  

Perera Elsewhere

Sasha Perera (Perera Elsewhere) joined us for an on the couch session to tell us about her exciting career and why she loves to work at home.


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Museum für Naturkunde sampling workshop

24 May , 2017  

If given access to a massive sound archive with the likes of growls, chirps and squeaks, could you mix a track? This was the task at the Museum für Naturkunde sampling workshop.


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Project Warp: Past and Present

20 Apr , 2017  

Project warp

Project Warp presents a night of live electronic artists and DJs from dBs Music UK and dBs Music Berlin: take a look at our past and see what’s happening tomorrow!


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Norom Bou explores taste and sound

14 Apr , 2017  

Norom Bou explores taste and sound

Having graduated our Electronic Music Production & Performance Diploma, Norom Bou tells us about her explorations in taste and sound and what other things she has cooking.


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etikett radio Nasti Moto

7 Apr , 2017  

etikett radio

Nasti Moto, is the last presenter in our video series about etikett radio. Her show Down the rabbit hole aims to distress the settled and settle the distressed.


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Feedback Sessions with Universal & brandnewmusic

31 Mar , 2017  

The Feedback Sessions get our students in conversation with professionals working with major labels in the business. Reps from Universal and brandnewmusic responded to their tracks.


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CDR helps our students be better at music

17 Mar , 2017  

CDR helps our students

When we partnered with CDR for their club night this year, we knew it would be perfect for our students. How? Read what they have to say about it.

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Females of dBs: the importance of community

8 Mar , 2017  

Felames of dBs

Hear from Vida – dBs Berlin grad and current studio technician – about the group she helped found: Females of dBs.


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Live Orchestra Recording at Universität der Künste

28 Feb , 2017  

live orchestra recording

Our Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree Students were back at it for another round of live orchestra recording. This time featuring a performance in the beautiful Konzertsaal of Berlin’s art university.


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What Brexit means for dBs Berlin

21 Feb , 2017  


We have had a number of queries raised by students about whether the looming exit of the UK from the EU will have an effect on the education offered at dBs Berlin.


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Field recordings field trip

17 Feb , 2017   Gallery


We took the students in our music diploma out into the wild of Berlin’s coolest abandoned area Teufeslberg. Their mission: capture sound and use those samples in tracks.


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CDR and dBs Music Berlin partner for 2017

20 Jan , 2017  

CDR and dBs Music Berlin

We are really excited to announce our new partnership between CDR and dBs Music Berlin in 2017.


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Berlin – still a budget paradise for students?

6 Jan , 2017  

Berlin has long had a reputation as Europe’s greatest budget paradise for students and artists. But as the city goes through extensive development and an accompanying rise in accommodation costs, is this still true?


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Can sampling RE:VIVE music?

23 Dec , 2016  


Music producers are using samples in their craft more than ever. To give our students greater insight into this, we teamed up with RE:VIVE for a workshop.


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Tarik Barri’s audio-visual worlds

17 Dec , 2016  

Tarik Barri

Ever since video killed the radio star, music and visuals have been inseparable. To give us a trailblazing perspective on their relationship we invited artist Tarik Barri in for a guest session.


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etikett radio Myles Watson

9 Dec , 2016  

Etikett radio Myles Watson

This week we’d like to introduce you to yet another one of our radio presenters: Myles Watson. A student on the Electronic Music Production & Performance Degree, he joined the radio last year.


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How to use a turntable creatively with Eliad and Rodi

2 Dec , 2016  

Using a turntable creatively
How many ways can you think to use a turntable creatively? We held a workshop for our students to show them a few ways Rodi and Eliad have come up with.


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The art of choosing a music or film production school

25 Nov , 2016  

music or film production school

So many options, so little time. Here is our advice on how to choose the right music or film production school for you.