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We’re moving haus: dBs Berlin at Funkhaus!

19 Jun , 2017  

We’re excited. Very excited. We are relocating to a brand new facility to house our rapidly expanding institute of creative production. dBs Berlin at Funkhaus is just the beginning.


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14 Film Festival Tips

16 Jun , 2017  


Next week, students and staff of dBs Film are off to FEST New Directors | New Films Festival in Portugal. To get the most out of these kinds of experiences, we have some film festival tips for you.


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Homemade Screen Acting Commercial

19 May , 2017  

The best thing about our creative community of likeminded learners is our ability to make wonderful things together. Watch our new commercial for our Screen Acting Diploma.


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New Screen Acting Diploma: dBs Film

3 Mar , 2017  

screen acting

At dBs Berlin, learning is doing. In our brand new Screen Acting Diploma course you’ll fill a year doing more than you ever thought possible.

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What Brexit means for dBs Berlin

21 Feb , 2017  


We have had a number of queries raised by students about whether the looming exit of the UK from the EU will have an effect on the education offered at dBs Berlin.


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Dazzling weekend of knowledge with Paul Miller & Allan Starski at dBs Film

27 Jan , 2017  

Paul Miller Allan Starski dBs Film

In the beginning of January, dBs Film hosted two workshops organised by FEST Film Lab, with Paul Miller – producer – and Allan Starski – production designer.


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Berlin – still a budget paradise for students?

6 Jan , 2017  

Berlin has long had a reputation as Europe’s greatest budget paradise for students and artists. But as the city goes through extensive development and an accompanying rise in accommodation costs, is this still true?


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The art of choosing a music or film production school

25 Nov , 2016  

music or film production school

So many options, so little time. Here is our advice on how to choose the right music or film production school for you.

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LiiLt and dBs Berlin partnership

5 Aug , 2016  

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Liilt, the global careers, education and professional network for electronic music.


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No ‘school’ in our new Filmmaking Diploma

3 Aug , 2016  

Anyone who’s ever been interested in making films has at some point run into the age-old dilemma: to film school, or not to film school? Here is our film tutor Mal, designer of our new 2016 Filmmaking Diploma, explaining why we took ‘school’ out of the programme to give you the best of all possible worlds. 


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Inside dBs Berlin: Mike

13 Jul , 2016  

Some students arrive knowing exactly what they want to do, but we know that the real learning happens in the suprises. Mike’s experience working with his fellow students on the many projects built into our Film & Screen Production Diploma showed him just how important teamwork is.


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Inside dBs Berlin: Silvia

4 Jul , 2016  

Silvia’s love for cinema first revealed itself while she was working in a video rental shop in her home town in Italy. Her experience in our Film & Screen Production Diploma was one of finding her voice by being exposed to a broad range of styles, opinions, methods and interests.


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We dare you at dBs Film Berlin

18 Jun , 2016  

The students at dBs Film have been inspiringly creative in the face of some unconventional challenges we have been giving them. Here is a little taste of some of the work they’ve finished this year.


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Dorothee Pfistner: from script to screen

20 May , 2016  

We invited Dorothee Pfistner to dBs Berlin to discuss the distribution of movies, covering their journey from the script to the cinema screen. As the head of acquisitions at Neue Visionen, a leading independent film distributor based in Berlin, she shared plenty of invaluable insight with our film students.


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Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher: making DIY feature films a reality

22 Mar , 2016  

Working his way through shooting music videos and launch events for large companies such as Sony and Universal Music, the now Berlin-based filmmaker and tutor at dBs Film has begun development on his own upcoming documentary film Concrete Empire.


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Inside dBs Berlin: Malachi

19 Mar , 2016  

Malachi began making films at the young age of 10 and says his skills have definitely improved. He calls his style “storybook realism” and thinks escapism has a bad reputation. The collaborative nature of filmmaking is something that he values highly and he believes that constructive work environments are key to the success of a production. His film La Niña del Desierto was awarded a Student Emmy and the title of Best Short Film at four separate film festivals. It was screened at over 25 film festivals worldwide.


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Inside dBs Berlin: Simon

26 Feb , 2016  

Simon is originally from Slovenia and worked as a TV director for Slovenian National Television. He is also an independent director and producer with a focus on documentaries. His 2003 film Amigo was selected as best Slovenian documentary of the year, and received the award for “Artistic Achievement” at the international Golden Knight Film Festival in Kaluga, Russia. Simon also wrote and directed Blue is the Sky and his newest project is titled Karaka-The Seed of Change.


Learn more about his work on his website onionfilms.


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Filmmaking – is there really an app for that?

7 Aug , 2015  

By Ash Robinson

It’s easier now to shoot your film on a shoestring budget than it ever has been, and it’s only getting cheaper, faster and more flexible as sensor and processing technology roars up the exponential curves of power, speed and affordability. You can already shoot beautiful 50p footage in HD, edit it, grade it, and upload it – all from your cellphone.